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Thursday, November 26, 2009

More sound pictures


All term the children in Room 18 have been learning about sound. What makes sound, how we can recognise sound, interesting facts about sound. Our Global Learning Intention was " to investigate" and that is what we have done! Here is some fantastic work as a quick hour evaluation, using kidpix, to let their teacher (who has been out of the classroom a lot!) know what they now know or have found interesting. Well done Room 18. Great work.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Habits of Mind

The children have been busy learning how to write their own posts, with a new login! Each blog group has been given challenges over the last few weeks - so please stick with us as we experiment.

I recently found a good movie about the Habits of Mind and what it means. I thought it would be useful for parents to view so they have a deeper understanding of what we are trying to achieve in the classroom with the children , and so as parents you are more aware of what the children mean. Please watch and talk to your children about the Habits they use frequently within the classroom. Please also give us some feedback on how useful you found it.

Blog busters

We are learning to perform a play in front of an audience. jarrod                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       We are learning to use a clear voice.tyrone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We are learning to act out the words.chelsea        


       w.a.l.t.                                     performing a play

 sucsess criteria

work with others
a clear voice
listen to the performers

we are learning to preform a play

be clear
know your script
eye contact

by the bloggers

We are learning to perform a play.

our success criteria is. eye contact, know your script, expression, a clear voice, act out the words, work with others.

       We are learning to preform a play in front of an audience

Success criteria. 

Look at your audience.

Use expression.

Be clear.

Work with others.

act out the words.

The Gunners

we are learning to:perform a play infront of an audience

              our success crieria is: 

Have a clear voice, work with others, look at the audience, act out the words.


        we are learning to preform  a play in front of a audience


                                   success criteria

                                    Eye contact 
                                   A clear voice
                                Know the script



We are learning to perform a play.  Success criteria for a play: speck clearly, persist, know your lines, don't just stand there, communicate, smile , don't put your book in front of you, practice.

amazing bloggers

w.a.l.t preform a play in front of an audience

are success criteria is
work with others
use a clear voice
know your script
use eye contact 
act the word 
create and innovate

preform a play

we are learning to preform a play                                                                                                                  -know your script                                                                                                                                              -speak clear                                                                                                                                                        -take part in the play                                                                                                                                        -us actions                                                                                                                                                            -practise play                                                                              
 -create and innovate       

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

what tommy and peter heard

leaves, girls screaming,cars,metalramps,rain,voices,branches,doors,otherclasses,footsteps,mrs.wpen   

What jack w heard

I heard:
people yelling
rustling leves
cat purring

what i heard

Kiana heard
foot steps
cupboard door
next door neighbour
chiar being moved

What chelsea heard

I heard:
trees blowing in the wind
rustling leaves

Monday, November 16, 2009


In my room I can hear... the piano, my brothers, stomps,yelling, the computer, winging, anoyance and playing by cameron

sound by t.w

today we talked about sound.
for homework we needed to listen to sounds we can hear in our rooms.

-mum and dad
-door opening

by t.w


In my bedroom I could hear,

Wind,Mum,Cellphone,my bed banging,the TV and rattling.


I heard cars going past, someone opening and shutting the door and leaves rustling.

By A.H

what helena heard

plastice bag
foot steps
wood being droped
wind banging on window
cat bowl being moved

Thursday, November 12, 2009

the bloggers

we love xmas and we would like:r.books t.same!!! j.hotwheels.

this term we are learning about artists and how they make a living.

The gunners

we have been learning about alliterations - it's where the words start with the same letter
Here are some examples: 
Jimmy jumped jolly
Tom tells tales
Jared juggled jellybeans



Today we have been talking about Christmas and this is what my blog group wanted Jolene wanted binoculars Hollie wanted a popcorn maker and Andrew wanted a book.We all like christmas.

Fun Bloggers

We have been learning not to put expensive stuff on our Chirstmas list.

Impeckible Illiteration

In alliteration we need to make sure all the words start with the same letters
This term we Learnt Lots of  poems like I wish poems , alliterations and shape poems. 


We have been talking about christmas,how we could get presents that are not expiseve for our parents to get,i would want any thing that is Michael Jakson.

blog busters

My favorite thing so far is singing in the choir-Chelsea

My favorite thing so far is doing art-Jarrod 

My favorite thing so far is playing sport-Tyrone


This term we have been doing Dance.

We have been doing it  in the hall with Dean.

On Friday we are peforming infront of Mums Dads Grans and The School!

By Brainiacs

amazing bloggers

This team we learnt how to create a I wish poem and alliteration.
for christmas K.S wants a hair straightener ,H.G wants a black and red wig and G.O wants a cup cake maker.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This term we are learning how people earn a living,And year 3's and 4's have been doing sound.We made a tellephone!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The gunners

WALT find information
We are looking at sound
1. Things that vibrate or move backwards and forwards very quickly make a sound
2. Elastic bands and rulers are sources of sound
3. Often we can't see vibrations because they are so fast but we can still hear the sounds
4. Sources of sound are all around us


WALT find information
We found information on sound

1. Beating a drum hard causes louder vibration and louder sound
2. Sounds are louder closer to the sound source
3. A small vibration means a quiet noise
4. The harder the blow the bigger the vibration is and amplitude
5. The amplitude of a sound wave tells us how big the vibrations are

The fun bloggers

WALT find information

We found information on sound

1. Sound can travel through different materials
2. When sound is going fast it makes a high noise/pitch
3. When sound is going slow it makes a low sound
4. Sound is a noise which is made by vibrations
5. Sound can travel sideways not upways

Brain Busters

These are the things we have learnt about sound

1. Sound can travel through different materials
2. Sound is made when something vibrates
3. The outer ear is called the pinna
4. The outer ear also includes the ear canal
5. The Malleus which is attached to the eardrum and means hammer in latin

blog busters sound

We learnt that: incetcs make a buzzing sound beacause their wings are beating very fast.Did you know that the harder you hit something the louder it is and the louder the noise and the longer it lasts the more dangerous it is for your ears.Also we can mesaure sound waves by counting the number of vibrations that occur per second.If somting is going slow makes a deeper sound and if something is going quikly then it will make a high pitched noise.

sound by kiana and grace

we are lerning about sound
-sound gets quiter the ferther you move away from the source. (stero)
-sound waves get louder as it travels away from the source
-the longer the string,the lower pitch.
-a high frequecys a higher pitch.
-sound travels faster through a vacum.


1.Sound can go through diffrent matireals. 2.There is no sound in space because of the vacum. 3.Vibrations can travel through air. 4.sound can get quiter the futher away it goes. 5.the faster the vibration goes make higher sound.

Amazing bloggers

today we learnt
vibrations travel thew air.
sound travels thew diffrent merterls.
you can't hear stuff in space.
the number of vibrations is called the frequency.
when a peace of sting is vibrating you can change the pitch by changing the length.
by H.G,G.O and K.S


-sound waves help make sound , the bigger the wave the louder the sound and smaller the smaller the sound smaller the sound
-all things that vibrate make sound
-vibrating air is what makes sound
-the loundness of of sound is mesuerd in deuibels


HAJ company

Today the HAJ company knew that Vacuum means that their is no sound in space. Things that vibrate moves, backwards and then forwards quickly. Insects make a loud buzzing sound because their wings flap quickly. Also sound can be hear outside.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sound - a message from Mrs Waterland

Should any of you check the blog at the weekend it would be very handy if you could bring an empty plastic bottle (like a lemonade bottle or a milk one)to school. It needs to be either a 1.5 l or a 2 l one.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend
Mrs Waterland

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Echoing sounds

One plate - Staffroom
Cork - Cory
Several books - Piper
A ticking watch - Lily
2 cardboard tubes - Lily

Amazing bloggers

make your voice ladder

we need to bring
keisha metal clothes hanger
helena 2 30 cm thread
gabby nothing

the gunners

How to make your voice louder.
We don't need tobring anything



we will do squawkers and screechers
peter the straws
Logan is geting siccers marlin is geting balloon

fun blolggers

MAKING INSTRUMENTS : we need a cardboard tube and a straw


WE ARE DOING: make your voice louder!!!
we don't need to bring any thing

Blog busters

We are going to do table thunder and all the items are at school.

brain busters

we are doing make your voice louder. we dont need anything from home


we are going to do table thunder we are going to bring nothing from home.

HAJ company

We are doing Hang in there and we need to bring to things from home. Andrew is bring 2 30 cm of thread and Hollie heeds to bring a metal clothes hanger.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We are learning to investigate

Tonight's challenge: Explain to your parents what sound is.

Leave a comment explaining it!!
I hope to see one from most people

Mrs Waterland

Friday, September 25, 2009


On our last day at school of term 3 we had the most crazy LOUD SHIRT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Waterland looked like she had just been to Hawaii!
Lots of people wore a shirt. It was a really fun day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today Room 18 presented our Team Time assembly. Here are some photos of our team time. A big thank you to Tessa and Cameron who at the last moment organised and spoke for us at assembly. A great job guys. Well done! Mrs Waterland was very grateful and proud of you both

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kia Kaha day out

In Week 8 the Yr 3 and 4's went on their big day out! We went to the movies to see UP, and then went off to the Lido for a lunch, followed by a swim. We had lots of fun! Here are some photos of our big day out!

lss litterthon

On Thursday 22ND room 18 and 19 did a really big clean up.We did the Litterthon to keep Fielding beautiful!We walked from lytton street school,down north street and all around Fielding.We found loads of rubbish at the dairy.By the dairy was a big piece of rubbish that was a news paper stuck together .It was HUGE!!When we got back we had really sore legs.It was not very fun.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

our zoo letters

To whom it may concern,

Room 18 have been discussing Burma and Kashin the elephant and it has come to my attention,why do we have zoos?

I believe that Animals should be kept in zoos because it is easier to study them in zoos instead of having to go overseas to find out about Animals. Also more and more people are wanting to find out about animals and the world around them which is important because it makes us want to protect animals and be friends with them. Another point is that scientists are having to go overseas just to find out about
animals.I think thats a waste of money. Would you waste your money?

Next animals should be kept in zoos because zoos and wildlife parks are places were we can keep animals that are in trouble can stay safe and not become extinct and they may be the last place for our earths wild species.

Finally animals should stay in zoos because if there in the wild they may be shot and die. Also because zoos give human beings the chance to see animals up close.

In conclusion I think that animals should stay in zoos because they may be the last place for earths wild species so they wont become extinct and because they give humans the chance to see animals up close. If you want your future children to be able to learn about animals and care for them then we need to have zoos.

Yours sincerely

Chelsea Keith.

To whom it may concern.

Room 18 have been talking about whether or not we should have zoos. Here is my opinion.

In my view animals should be allowed to come to zoos because some animals get hunted. Elephants get hunted for ivory tusks while other animals get hunted for hide and some animals get extinct because of this.

Another thing is that if an animal in the wild gets hurt it relies on passing humans to help but in zoos animals get immediate help.

Also some animals are endangered and if they are in the wild they will go from being endangered to extinct.

Animals are very important to peoples education and to help animals in the wild we need to know more. We don’t ant to go all the way around the world to study so we go to the zoo.

I think we need to have zoos because the animals are important to the world the future. If the animal race dies out the world will be a dark ,plane, bitter place to live now and for the future generation.

Yours sincerely

Tessa Webb

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This week: Persuade or inform others about our trip yesterday. Here is my example. My WALT is persuade others! How do you think I did? Make sure you leave a comment! Mrs Waterland

Thursday, September 3, 2009




We think we should not paint our cats because it might get in its eyes,it is bad because your cat might go blind.

Another reason is that it wont be fluffy anymore,it is bad because it will get bored.

A good point is it will get itchy,its bad because it wont come near you.

We believe we should not paint our cats because it my swallow
the dye and swell up,its bad because you’ll have to pay a lot of money for it to go to the vet.

In conclusion your cat will go blind,it wont be fluffy anymore,it will get itchy,and it might swallow the dye and swell up.

By LM,CM,and PB.


Brain Busters

Bad Boys Group challenge

DX group

Gunners blog group

HAJ company challenge

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Should people be allowed to paint their cat?

Have a look at the photo - then with your blog group during the week write a brief argument for or against - don't forget your reasons!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday Blog challenge

We have finished our Paul Jennings story.
Using one tool persuade others that they should or should not read the story. You will need to work with your group to come up with how you are going to do this, the tool you are going to use, and what your argument needs to have in it.
Some suggestions:
Wordle, Vocaroo, Voice Thread, Kidpix, writing onto the blog, other ways that you can think of!
You may also want to add in some photos as well. You will need to use the imac for that or you can goggle some from the Paul Jennings site.
Have fun
Mrs Waterland

WALT to identify key words

WALT to identify key words

WALT to find key phrases to help build pictures in our mind

Friday, August 21, 2009

WALT to persuade others

Group 4 have been very busy producing a imovie on persuading others. Here is our effort! We think it is great!!! We are very happy with what we did. We worked hard to think about the sorts of pictures we would need to persuade others. Did it work?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

the big mistake!

today we made a BIG mistake...we learnt that you can NOT save vocaroo on your desktop if you want to inbed it on your blog!We are sorry we can not present you with some vocaroo.

Friday, August 14, 2009

W.A.L.T find facts

Our reading group is learning to find information from our text. We read Kiwi Dog, then used Kidpix to write some facts from the story.

W.A.L.T identify key words

During reading time our two reading groups had to use to identify key words in the story, that helped us build pictures in our mind.
Here are our mind maps!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost halfway through the term!

this term we have been learning to land and balance correctly, through gymnastics. We do gymnastics once a week.In art we are deisining a stensills.In writing we have been learning to write a arguments. In topic we are learning to be strong what we call Kai Kaha and to stand up to our self .

Friday, July 24, 2009

what we have been learning to do

In reading we have been learning to find synonyms e.g chair and seat,photo and picture. In writing we have been learning to write a argument. An argument is when someone argues . Our topic for this term is kia kaha . In art we have been learning to make potato prints with real potatoes. In handwriting we have learning to form our letters correctly. 

By HG and HE

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bad Jelly stories

We have been learning to use similes. These are our Bad Jelly character descriptions using similes. We had to keep them short, use at least 2 similes and add adjectives. How well did we do?

Mudwiggle is as strong as the Hulk. His muscles are as small as an ant. He wears a stripy top and has a hat with a light on the top. Mudwiggle likes to roll in mud. He likes to lift weights and he likes helping people. I chose Mudwiggle because he is strong.


Mudwiggle is a worm that is as strong as a brick. Mudwiggle is as small as a bumblebee. Mudwiggle wears a rainbow top. Mudwiggle is as long as a handle. He has big bright hazel eyes. Mudwiggle has a funny red hat. He has two arms which are as small and skinny. Mudwiggle is strong and funny and wears a big t-shirt. Mudwiggle can hold people up on his finger and spin like a spinner. I chose Mudwiggle because in the book he was described a lot. The special thing is he can save people.


Bad Jelly is as evil as a bad wolf. Her hair is as long as a snake. He hat is stiff like card. Her nose is long as grass. Bad Jelly is old and she has spots. Bad Jelly is an evil person. She likes to eat people for breakfast. I chose Bad Jelly because I like her!


Bad Jelly the Witch is as bad as a white tailed spider. Her teeth are as dirty as some wet mud. Her hair looks like spaghetti because it’s squiggly. She wears a black cloak and a pointy hat. She eats children for breakfast. I chose Bad Jelly because she is the main character.


Bad Jelly the Witch has hair like a humongous ponies mane. The teeth of Bad Jelly are as big as a tigers jaw. Bad Jelly’s hair is as curly as noodles. Bad Jelly is as mean as a black tarantula. She wears a black pointy hat. She is as ugly as a giant with 1000 eyes at the front and back. She is so horrible that she would put two kids in a bad. Bad Jelly’s nose is as long as a stick. I chose Bad Jelly because she’s the main character in the story.


Fluffy Bum the Cat has curly ginger hair like a ripped up bit of ginger biscuit and has black paws as black as a soaked stone. Also he has large long ears with a light pink inside as pink as a rose. Fluffy Bums tail is as fluffy as some bed fluff. He has green breath taking eyes. Fluffy Bum smile is as delightful as a freshly made snowman.

Fluffy bum is as soft as a baby’s skin and is as supportive as a screaming fan. He is as playful as a crazy kid but is as careful as the tooth fairy. He is as funny as a circus clown. He likes to play with toy mice.

I chose Fluffy Bum because she is funny and easy to talk about.


Dulboot the Giant is as cruel as the Punisher. Dulboot is like no other animal or human. He is as scary as a 1 million tarantulas suddenly coming out of the ground. Dulboots ears are as big as elephant ears. Dulboot is a very mean, ugly, unfair giant that is as tall as a skyscraper and as unpleasant as a person who spits all the time. Dulboot likes to help Bad Jelly roast her sausages. Dulboot is special because he has eyes all around his head.


Dulboot the horrible giant wears a heavy green singlet and a huge pair of pants as black as the night sky and a whip lash belt with a buckle made of kids bones. He has short lanky purple hair, which sticks up like spikes on the end of pitchfork. He has 25 eyes around his head and they are stare at you like a snake stares at its prey. He has long stubble on his chin. He is an evil non-happy spoilsport and is utterly unreliable.

He likes to eat cows and spy on the villagers near by. He is pro at kickboxing and cow talking.

Dulboot is special because he is funny and tall. I chose to write about Dulboot because it an opportunity to use some new adjectives.


Bad Jelly is as evil as can be. Bad Jelly has black hair and is as mean as a mean dog. She wears stinky clothes. Bad Jelly has as bendy hat, which is black and wears black dark clothes. Bad Jelly likes to eat kids and likes to be evil. I chose Bad Jelly because she is evil.


Bad Jelly the witch has a big long hat. She has witch teeth, like a shark. Bad Jelly is like an old lady. Bad Jelly is an evil witch. Bad Jelly has pink straight hair. Bad Jelly has a scary voice like a scary giant. She has one hundred eyes on the front and back of her head. She has a long nose like an elephant. Bad Jelly is evil like a magpie. Bad Jelly likes to eat children. I chose Bad Jelly because she is evil.


Bad Jelly the Witch is as big as a bad ant. Bad Jelly’s hair is like a bowl of curly noodles. She has white sharp pointy teeth. Bad Jelly has a black hat. She also has a wart that sits on her nose. Also her nose is as big as long grass. Bad Jelly is so horrible that she eats kids and locks in a tower. She is a kid robber! I chose Bad Jelly because she is mean.


Tim is a strong boy. Tim’s hair is as dark as a moonless night because it’s dark and unseen. He is as brave as Alexandra the Great. His clothes are warm like the blazing fire because his clothes are nearly overheated. His eyes are bright like a glowing light bulb. Tim’s teeth are bright like a lantern because his teeth are clean. His legs are thick like a muscular giant. Tim is a boy who lives with is little sister, 1 dog, 1 cat and dad and a mum. Tim likes to run fast around the block. I chose this character because this character is awesome.

By A

Bad Jelly is as ugly as a hideous mole. She is as magic as a magic fairy. Her hair is hideous as jellyfish legs. Bad Jelly’s clothes are black, wet and gross. She smells like a green muddy duck pond. She eats little children for breakfast. I like Bad Jelly because she is evil. She loves to make magic.

By L

Rose is as pretty as a rose. She has green sparkly eyes and long hair. She wears long pink dress and nice sparkly purple shoes with nice blue spots like a spotty dog. She is as kind as a superhero. She likes to be happy. I chose Rose because she is kind.
By K

Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy holidays!

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are having a great holiday and not too many of you have been sick! Mrs Waterland has been very sick :( but is feeling a lot better now. 
I am going to put on a few You Tube items - one is for fun (I wonder if you can work out which one it is and if you can do the dance to show in class??) The other two items are for our unit around Persuasive writing - Arguments. Have a look at them and see if you can work out what they are trying to persuade you to do? If you can leave a comment - remember to do it just like at school, but hitting the comment button and leaving it as anno. I will get the email and will post it for you.

Looking forward to next week. Enjoy the rest of your holidays - have  a good break and be ready to share when you get back.  Think about your passion - what are your really passionate about? (I think you would probably say for Mrs Waterland it would be biking/running and her class of course!)

Mrs Waterland

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our first movie

We have been reading Bad Jelly the Witch and working on character descriptions. We had to create, using kidpix, a character from the story, through only hearing the story (we didn't know what the characters looked like!) This was to see how well the author used descriptive language throughout. We also had to use adjectives to describe our character. Next we decided to put it into a movie format. Mrs Waterland, Tessa and Chelsea worked on it - it was new learning for everyone. This is our creation. We are pretty pleased with our first effort!
Mrs Waterland

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009