Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Giraffe poem

We made up our own giraffe poem, based around our poem of the week - Elephants. Here it is!


Long rough tongues
Tall thin legs
Long length neck
Spotty smooth skin
Knobby knees
Huge hard hooves
Gangly giraffe
Could I learn from you?

By Room 18

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WALT retell

One reading group are getting better at understanding as they read. They had to retell the story "Crow and the Pitcher" Here is some of the work.

WALT build on our vocabulary knowledge

2 reading groups are building up their vocabulary knowledge. Here is some of the work they have been doing around new words they have found in known Fables.

WALT be creative

We have been reading fables. We read The Crow and the Pitcher and it had lots of diagrams in it to solve the Crows problem of getting water out of the Pitcher. We then had to take a fable and design a diagram around it.
Here is some of our work:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Savannah and Gaby have been learnign to retell the story. Here is their retell of Monkey buys Trouble.

WALT find new words

this is Tommy, Joshua and Tom's new vocab work that they completed today.

Tyrone's Retelling

Tyrone is learning to retell the story. Here is his picture

Monday, August 9, 2010

iron Brion

Today room18 went to the hall to see iron Brion. We played memory games and had a dance battle with prizes. We learnt that iron is a mineral. Red meat has lots of vitamin c and we got yummy hamburgers at the END.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cameron's Fable

We are learning to narrate.
We have written our own fable. Here is one of them. Thanks Cameron for sharing.
Can you work out the moral or message?

One extremely foggy night a mother kiwi was protecting her eggs, when suddenly she heard something in the bus. She went closer to investigate but she did not realise that it came from teh other side of the bush!

Then suddenly out popped a possum. It grabbed one of the kiwis eggs as fast as a bolt of lightning! The chase was on!

Kiwi quickly turned just in time to see the possum disappear into the bush. Kiwi zipped into the bush hot on possum's tail! Finally the possum was cornered.

"Give back my baby!" said the Kiwi.
"You can have if if you win a death race!" said the Possum.
"How do I now you won't eat the egg?" asked the Kiwi.
"We will both leave the eggs here," said the Possum.
"OK, You're on!" shouted the Kiwi.

The next day Kiwi and Possum met up. Possum said " Ok, first we will submarine to the bottom of Marinas trench, and then we will surface. Next we will go to the beach. Then we will dune buggy up a ramp, through a firey hoop and return to the start."

"Ok,' answered the Kiwil

Finally it was time to start the race.
"All contestants to the start," said the announcer. But what Kiwi didn't realise was that the possum had drilled a hole into the Kiwis sub. But the possum got into the wrong sub! Halfway to the marinas trench Possums sub sank. "Curse you Kiwi!" were his last words.
"I guess I win the race," smiled Kiwi.

When Kiwi got to the shore Kiwi got her eggs back.

The moral: Don't do bad deeds - they do you no good.

By Cameron


We have been reading The Hare and the Tortoise, and The Boy who cried Wolf.

We then had to either compare and contrast, retell the main points or look at it from another point of view. Here is some of our work.