Monday, June 21, 2010

More Teeth

Thanks Olivia and Jolene! Great picture :)
Thanks to Piper as well.

Learning to appreciate our teeth

Today we had a teeth day - we got given brushes and toothpaste. We then created a poster promoting good teeth care. In the afternoon we watched a movie about teeth and taking care of our teeth. Some of the children then drew a picture using kidpix. Thanks Savannah and Gabby! A great picture!

Animal reports

We have been learning to inform others. We chose to find some information on animals and then write a short animal report. Here are some of our stories. We hope we have achieved our learning intention of informing - do you know more about these animals now?



A Bengal Tiger is the biggest of the cat family. It is an endangered species.


The Bengal Tiger is located in India, parts of China and also lives in Bangladesh in grasslands and forests.


A Bengal Tiger is usually orange and black. Sometimes they are white and black. Their height is normally 2 metres or more.


The Bengal Tigers prey includes monkeys, wild pigs and guar. Their favourite prey is Chital and Sambar.


To mark the Bengal Tigers territory the Bengal Tiger walks in circles and urinates. A Bengal Tigers roar can be hear 2 miles away.


A trained Bengal Tiger would be an excellent pet if it obeyed you. Its fur is used for materials.


By Cameron



The snake family is in the reptile family. Snakes are very long.


Snakes live in trees and in hot places.


They eat meat, like mice and frogs.


Snakes do not have ears but they can still hear.


Snakes catch their food by killing it with their teeth and crushing it too.


Snakes have very good eyesight which help them find animal for food.


Some snakes have poison called venom which they use to kill their food.


I would not like a pet snake because it would kill me. . I would only want to see a snake in the zoo.


By Ethan



Butterflies are in the insect family.


These insects are located anywhere in the whole wide world.


They have antenna, a head, and legs, 2 pairs of wings and they can be different shapes and sizes.


Butterflies lay eggs on swan plants. They hatch into lavae. They eat the leaves to dissolve into a pupa, then they hatch into an adult.


They can fly and spread their wings.


Butterflies eat nectar from plants.


By Emma



The penguin is a good swimmer. They are in the bird family.


These birds live in the sea and in the Artic. They stay in groups.


They eat fish, squid and shrimp. They also eat krill and prawns. All of the mums go fishing. When the mother gets back they give the fish to the babies and the father.


Penguins are good at diving in the water. They like to slide on their tummies.


Penguin feathers are waterproof. They have black and white feathers. The penguin has wings but they do not use them.


Penguins would be a good pet if you like to go diving.


By Brianna



Snakes are part of the reptile family. Snakes are poisonous.


Snakes can live in New Zealand in the zoos. Snakes live in hot places.


Snakes eat worms and rats. Snakes do not chew, they swallow their food whole.


Some snakes are wet and some are dry. Snakes have no legs.


Snakes are amazing hunters. They can feel the vibrations of their prey. Snakes can spray venom in people’s eyes and blind them. Snakes slither on their tummies.


Baby snakes come from eggs. When they are born they are small.


Snakes are part of the reptile family. Snakes are dangerous.


By Jack



Giraffes are the tallest mammals that live in the wilderness. Giraffes live on African grasslands. They live in small herds.


Giraffes are brown and white and have ears and eyes. Giraffes are unusual because they have blue tongues. Giraffes have the longest neck and legs of any animal.


Giraffes walk around and eat, run, sleep and kill predators. They can run up to 56 kilometres an hour!


Giraffes eat twigs, leaves, plants and trees in the wilderness.


Baby giraffes are born from their mothers. Giraffe’s usually only give birth to one baby at a time. Baby giraffes are called calves. A baby giraffe is two meters tall.


Giraffes are the tallest animals on earth. I wouldn’t like to have a pet giraffe because it wouldn’t fit in my house.


By Joshua



Bees are in the insect family and they are very little with little wings too.


Bees can live in a hive, bee shacks and trees. Bees live in most parts of the world, except the Artic and Antartica.


They eat nectar and pollen and honey too. The honey goes in little holes in the hive.


The Queen Bee lays the eggs in small holes with wax in it. Then the egg hatches into larva and larva changes into a pupa. Then pupa changes into an adult bee.


Bees gather pollen and when they find pollen the do a little dance and then they work to make the honey.


A bee must visit over 4000 flowers to collect enough nectar to make one tablespoon of honey.


Bees are insects and they a little prickle called a sting. Some people are allergic to them and can die if they are stung.


By Piper
















Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We made care package to show our appreciation for people. We thought that if we were fighting in the war we would appreciate these items. Watch our movies to find out some of our things.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have been learning to appreciate different artists. We looked at Georgia O'Keefe and then did some art work that was like her art work. Here are some examples

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tyrone playing his ukulele

Twice a year the Senior Stars are involved in clubs. 
This is Tyrone playing his ukulele. He was so proud of what he achieved!