Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This term we are learning how people earn a living,And year 3's and 4's have been doing sound.We made a tellephone!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The gunners

WALT find information
We are looking at sound
1. Things that vibrate or move backwards and forwards very quickly make a sound
2. Elastic bands and rulers are sources of sound
3. Often we can't see vibrations because they are so fast but we can still hear the sounds
4. Sources of sound are all around us


WALT find information
We found information on sound

1. Beating a drum hard causes louder vibration and louder sound
2. Sounds are louder closer to the sound source
3. A small vibration means a quiet noise
4. The harder the blow the bigger the vibration is and amplitude
5. The amplitude of a sound wave tells us how big the vibrations are

The fun bloggers

WALT find information

We found information on sound

1. Sound can travel through different materials
2. When sound is going fast it makes a high noise/pitch
3. When sound is going slow it makes a low sound
4. Sound is a noise which is made by vibrations
5. Sound can travel sideways not upways

Brain Busters

These are the things we have learnt about sound

1. Sound can travel through different materials
2. Sound is made when something vibrates
3. The outer ear is called the pinna
4. The outer ear also includes the ear canal
5. The Malleus which is attached to the eardrum and means hammer in latin

blog busters sound

We learnt that: incetcs make a buzzing sound beacause their wings are beating very fast.Did you know that the harder you hit something the louder it is and the louder the noise and the longer it lasts the more dangerous it is for your ears.Also we can mesaure sound waves by counting the number of vibrations that occur per second.If somting is going slow makes a deeper sound and if something is going quikly then it will make a high pitched noise.

sound by kiana and grace

we are lerning about sound
-sound gets quiter the ferther you move away from the source. (stero)
-sound waves get louder as it travels away from the source
-the longer the string,the lower pitch.
-a high frequecys a higher pitch.
-sound travels faster through a vacum.


1.Sound can go through diffrent matireals. 2.There is no sound in space because of the vacum. 3.Vibrations can travel through air. 4.sound can get quiter the futher away it goes. 5.the faster the vibration goes make higher sound.

Amazing bloggers

today we learnt
vibrations travel thew air.
sound travels thew diffrent merterls.
you can't hear stuff in space.
the number of vibrations is called the frequency.
when a peace of sting is vibrating you can change the pitch by changing the length.
by H.G,G.O and K.S


-sound waves help make sound , the bigger the wave the louder the sound and smaller the smaller the sound smaller the sound
-all things that vibrate make sound
-vibrating air is what makes sound
-the loundness of of sound is mesuerd in deuibels


HAJ company

Today the HAJ company knew that Vacuum means that their is no sound in space. Things that vibrate moves, backwards and then forwards quickly. Insects make a loud buzzing sound because their wings flap quickly. Also sound can be hear outside.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sound - a message from Mrs Waterland

Should any of you check the blog at the weekend it would be very handy if you could bring an empty plastic bottle (like a lemonade bottle or a milk one)to school. It needs to be either a 1.5 l or a 2 l one.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend
Mrs Waterland

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Echoing sounds

One plate - Staffroom
Cork - Cory
Several books - Piper
A ticking watch - Lily
2 cardboard tubes - Lily

Amazing bloggers

make your voice ladder

we need to bring
keisha metal clothes hanger
helena 2 30 cm thread
gabby nothing

the gunners

How to make your voice louder.
We don't need tobring anything



we will do squawkers and screechers
peter the straws
Logan is geting siccers marlin is geting balloon

fun blolggers

MAKING INSTRUMENTS : we need a cardboard tube and a straw


WE ARE DOING: make your voice louder!!!
we don't need to bring any thing

Blog busters

We are going to do table thunder and all the items are at school.

brain busters

we are doing make your voice louder. we dont need anything from home


we are going to do table thunder we are going to bring nothing from home.

HAJ company

We are doing Hang in there and we need to bring to things from home. Andrew is bring 2 30 cm of thread and Hollie heeds to bring a metal clothes hanger.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We are learning to investigate

Tonight's challenge: Explain to your parents what sound is.

Leave a comment explaining it!!
I hope to see one from most people

Mrs Waterland