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Some more great writing

Didn't the writers do well at building a picture in the readers mind?
What do you think?

Room18 & 19 went to Highland Home Christian camp on the 24th of March. The first activity was the never ending Bushwalk.

Approaching the bush we were excited at our challenge. We needed to go single file into the bush because it was narrow which made it slippery and dangerous. It was also steep and there were lots of  overhanging trunks and roots sticking out like traps.

After we got near the heart of the mossy damp and dull bush we became really nervous to see how high we were and to top it all off there was a big bush under us which we easily could fall on!

The bush was damp and sparkly and had moss dripping off into puddles. The bush had birds tweeting in the light breeze. The bird sounded pleasant, yet loud like music.

Brown and gooey grey mud was slopped all around the place making an unpleasant smell roam the air in a damp way.

As we walked slowly through the bush on the windy trail we could see many bright and dark coloured birds tweeting in their nests feeding their gorgeous babies worms and other insects. We could see evidence of possums and strangling vines killing trees as we walked past hollowed out branches and trees cracked with no leaves with slugs climbing up them.            


It felt creepy in the bush because all of the trees looked like hands trying to grab us but we still enjoyed it. We recommend that if you are ever near Pohangina you drop in and give the fabulous bushwalk a go. 


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More camp stories!

Up next I had to go onto the Earthboards. I felt nervous because I had never been on one before. Room 18 and 19 were at Highland Home camp. We went their on the 24th of March.

 On the first day at camp we had rotations. First we went on the trampolines. I could do front flips on the tramp. The tramps were so cool because my Uncle Willy was helping there.

 Next my group went to the games. We had to get across to the other pole. We had to try to not touch the ground. Next I went onto the BMX bike. They were hard to pedal because it was on the grass.

 The best thing about the rotations was it was helping me get healthy.

 By CM

I was so tired after the bush walk. Finally we got to have a rest. Time for rotations. On the 24th of March Room 18 and 19 were at Highland Home.

First my group walked to the tramp. When we got there they said time to go on a tramp. I jumped on the first one. When I bounced on the tramp I did a flip. I was in the air, it felt like I was flying. But then the next person had a go.

Then the whistle blew. Time for parashoot. I didn’t know was that was but when my group got there we played a game called get the ball first. My number was three but first they had to give us a number. The first number was 3, 4, and 8. I heard my number so I ran around the parashoot and I dived to the ball. I got the ball first. It was bright green and red.

Then the whistle blew three times. Time for the BMX bikes so my group ran down the steps. I got my helmet on and jumped on the blue and black bike. It was hard to ride on the very bumpy grass but I got the hang of it. My group had a race but I didn’t win. My friend won. Then the whistle blew.

My next activity was the Earthboards. I was very scared because it was my first time ever on a Earthboard. I grabbed an Earthboard. It was blue, black and grey. I hopped on one. Then it was my turn. The hill was steep but then it sloped down. I pushed my one down the hill. I was really scared because it got really bouncy. I nearly fell off my board. At first it was bumpy, then it was flat. It slowed down right at the end as you flew across the grass. I was very scared. I screamed the whole way down!

I loved the tramp the best because I loved jumping up and down. Everyone should give all the things a go at Highland Home Camp. By JW

I was excited when it was my turn to roast the marshmallows. Room 18 and 19 were at Highland Home on the 24th March for their camp. I was going to roast marshmallows on the fire. The marshmallows were yummy and soft.

 When it was time for me to roast my marshmallows we needed a stick. I lost my stick but there was another stick for me to use. It was really dark!  All the boys burnt their marshmallows and all the girls didn’t burn their marshmallows. The marshmallows melted in my mouth. It tasted like white chocolate. It was so nice. We all put the marshmallows on the top of the fire. I wiped the marshmallows that went on fire on the base and then on the grass. Then the grass went on fire a little bit. Then I wiped the grass and it went out. Then smoke went in my mouth so I turned my face away. I liked seeing my marshmallow burn because it went all bubbly. The marshmallows got wasted a lot. It was funny because the marshmallows kept shrinking.  I ended up with four marshmallows to eat because the rest got burnt.

The marshmallows were so tasty and you should try to roast marshmallows too at Highland Home Camp.

 By JA

I was at Highland Home with Room 18 and 19.  I was excited. I was going to the fire to roast marshmallows. We went to go and see the glowworms after that.

I was scared of the dark because it was pitch black. When we got to there we had to go through a big gate to the bushes and we had to wait a lot. The glowworms were cool. I was in the dark. I saw black glowworms and yellow glowworms. The glowworms were like lightbulbs in the bushes. The glowworms were shining like stars too. The glowworms were like a shinybulb and the glowworms were looking all around the bush for some food. The glowworms were exciting! The glowworms were like stars in the night. The glowworms were the best, it was the best day ever!


I was so excited when we were going to the glowworms. I had never been to see the glowworms before. Room 18 and 19 were at camp. We went on the 24th of March. I was in the third group to go to the glowworms.

While I waited to go to the glowworms we got our torches and some warm clothes and gumboots so we didn’t get dirty feet. Then we went in a big long line to go in the car to see the glowworms. When we were in the van I felt a bit nervous. My group talked about the glowworms. They didn’t talk to me but they talked to each other. I still felt happy because we were going to see the glowworms.

We had to find a park on the grass. After that we walked down the track to the glowworms. First we had to walk down the stream to see the glowworms because they were on the other side of the stream. We had to walk over logs. The glowworms were on a wall behind the trees.  The glowworms were blue and glittering. They looked like twinkling stars in the sky.

I think everyone should go to Pohangina Valley. It was fun seeing all the glowworms.By KK

I was waiting all morning for the rotations. I was so excited I almost wet my pants! We were at Highland Home on the 24th March. Room 18 and 19 were there. Before we got to do our rotations we got me time, which meant that you could do anything except go out of the boundries.

Then finally it was rotations time. My first activity was the damper. They had everything you needed at Highland Home to make damper. It was so slimy and sticky. The dough stayed on my hands for ages until I washed my hands.

When the whistle blew I quickly sprinted to the BMX bikes. I got a helmet, got the smallest bike and rode it. The BMX bike had 2 bars, on the back and front. You stood on the bars and friend could take you for a ride.  We had a few races on the BMX bikes!

After the whistle had blown we group went to Earthboards. I was shaking. I did not know what would happen but it turned out that I loved it! My Earthboard had a picture of the USA flag with stars all around it. It was like a skateboard with good fat gripped wheels. I was so excited I felt like I was going to fall off and I did! I could hear tuis and other birds and the wind. My heart was beating really fast. There was a big rock infront of me and I was scared of falling off. When I fell off it hurt badly but I was alright. I rode the Earthboard again and again until the whistle blew.

I loved camp. The trip was like a new world. I would love to go back again. In the rotations I loved the Earthboards the most because they were so much fun!  By LM

 Room 18 and 19 went to Pohangina camp. We did heaps of games like trampolines and BMX. It was fun! We went to camp on the 24th of March. At camp at nighttime we did activities. First I did marshmallows they tasted like something sticky but it was actually a hot marshmallow! They were delicious. Then they slushed down my throat. Next I got some more marshmallows. They all did the same thing! I loved eating marshmallows. They are so cool. You should taste them. I always burnt my marshmallows on the fire. They were delicious. I wish I could have had some more!   By T

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Camp stories!

It has taken us a while but we have finally got some work to show for it! What great stories everyone. I am proud of the way you persisted, deleted and made changes in your writing. 
Our learning intention for this was "TO INFORM OTHERS" - have we done this? Keep an eye out for more stories being added!

I was really excited about going to see the glowworms and roast marshmallows but first we had to get into groups. I was in group 3. Room 18 and 19 were camping at Highland Home. We left school on the 24th of March.

 After we were in our groups we went to the marshmallows at the camp fire. The marshmallows were pink and white. They tasted very sticky after they had been roasted. I felt happy and mad. I felt happy because I love marshmallows and I felt mad because 3 of my marshmallows went on fire.


When we finished roasting marshmallows we went to the glowworms but we had to get our torches. Room 18 and 19 went in a car to the glowworms. Finally we were at the glowworms. We walked over big logs. When we stopped we saw lots of glowworms. They looked tiny and blue, like little stars in the sky.

 My days at camp were great. I think everyone should go there!

By G

I was about to go to the glowworms when it was pitch black. Room 18 and 19 were at Highland home on the 24th of March. I thought it would be scary because there might be large logs, streams full of water and falling, powerful branches.


First we had to go in groups of 20 so we could go in the cars. I was in the first group to go to the glowworms. Cameron didn’t have a torch so Cameron stayed close to me. Then we took the slippery wet stairs down into the bush. I nearly slipped over. The teacher said “Everybody up ahead is a stream” I tried to jump over the stream. What a splash! I accidentally stood in the stream and made my shoes soaking wet. But the worse thing was I lost Cameron!

Cameron jumped over the endless stream. The teacher told us to turn our torches off. After that we turned our lights on so we could keep walking. I saw a huge, thick, mossy log ahead. We had to climb over the log. My shoe got caught under the log. I was mad when that happened. Finally I got it out. Then the teacher said “Turn your torches off again.” The glowworms were around us. The looked like sparkling, little stars. They were so tiny. The only thing you could see was a little flash. The teacher said they turn into moths.

 After that we went back to the camp site. I was tired but happy because I had been adventurous and it was a moonless night!

 By AH

Room 18 and 19 went on the 24th of March to Highland Home. When we got to Highland home the first thing I did was go on the Earthboards.

I was feeling really scared because I had never gone on an Earthboard before. I also felt excited because it looked really fun because people slid down the hill. I jumped on the Earthboard. I jumped on slowly. It was fun.

The funniest part on the Earthboards was when we went down the hill. I went very fast down the hill. I bumped into somebody by accident. I went fast and I hurt my finger but it didn’t bleed.

I loved going on the Earthboards. If you go to Highland Home you should go on the Earthboards to!


Room 18 and 19 went to Highland home on the 24th of March. One of the activities was going to see the glowworms.

I went down in the first group. It was really dark. I was afraid of the dark because I though someone might try to get me!

 When we got there we walked through the stream. The stream was wet and muddy, the rocks were slippery with moss. Some logs had moss too. The logs were fat, small and some were skinny.

 When we saw the glowworms they looked sparkly. When I looked at the glowworms my eyes got sore, then I shut my eyes and kept walking through the bush. The glowworms were I the bush.

 I liked seeing the glowworms because they were shiny and bright, hiding in the trees. They sparkled like the stars in the sky. They had blue glows.

 The best part of camp was seeing the glowworms. I think everyone should go there.

 By Keontae

I was happy when it was my turn on the BMX bikes. It was fun! Room 18 and 19 were at Highland Home Pohangina valley, for camp.

 First Miss Brandon blew the whistle and then we got into groups for the rotations. My group went to the BMX bikes first. It was creaky on the bikes but fun when we had races.

 The next activity was the Earthboards. I jumped off it because I was scared. I thought I would fall off but I had a turn. The Earthboards were at the top of the hill. We zoomed down the hill. We went over the rocks. When we went on the grass it was slower. Then we pushed the Earthboards back up the hill and we zoomed down again. It was great fun! It was bumpy and my body was going up and down. I screamed lots.

 It was fun at camp. I think people would like to go on the Earthboards.


I was very excited to go and see the glowworms because I had to stand in the dark. The camp is called Highland Home. Room 18 and 19 were there for their camp.

 Before we went down to the glowworms we had to get into group for cars. The first group went down at 7:30. I was in the last group.

 While we waited I played games, then I moved to the next place which was marshmallows. I loved roasting marshmallows. Some of my marshmallows caught on fire!

 Then finally I got to go to the glowworms. I grabbed my torch and ran down the steps. Then I got in the car and we drove down to the glowworms. It was very dark. Finally we were going down the slippery rocks and mud. Then we were walking in water. Mrs Waterland said Turn off your torches and look up and I saw some glowworms. I felt very cold in the dark but I was excited to stand in the dark and to see the glowworms. They were blue and their tails were the thing that glowed. Glowworms can live in caves or the bush The glowworms looked like little stars.

 The glowworms were very cute and fun to look at. Everyone should go to Highland Home!

 By PB

I was so excited because on the 24th of March Room 18 and 19 went to Highland Home camp.

 It was 7:30 at night and it was time to roast the marshmallows on the campfire. The first thing I did was put the marshmallows on the bamboo sticks and put them on the campfire. It was yummy! Inside the marshmallows it was all melted and it was scorching in my mouth. I burnt my tongue on my marshmallows because I was being silly with Jack W. I roasted two of my biscuits at the same time and all of the chocolate melted in my mouth. The biscuit was hot! The inside of the marshmallow was sticky and gooey and it smelt like slimy black rubber melting in  the campfire.

I loved roasting marshmallows because all of the people burnt them! I burnt everyone of mine. I really enjoyed roasting marshmallows because it was lots of fun!


I was very excited because my next activity was the Earthboards. Room 18 and 19 were at Highland home on the 24th March and we were doing rotations.

 It was time to go to the next activity. My favourite bit was the Earthboards because I looked the bumpy stones. We started on a hill. The hill wasn’t very steep but it had lots of stones. We had to push off from the top and sit on the Earthboard. Then we rode down. We went fast down the hill. It was funny going down the hill because it felt like I was on an aeroplane. Lots of people were screaming and I wasn’t. I wanted to be quiet. We went really far across the grass. I nearly hit someone.

 The best bit was going the hill because it was fast!


Room 18 and 19 went to Highland Home on the 24th of March.

 At nighttime we went in the car to see the glowworms. We had to walk through the bush. There was a stream and it was slippery and gooey. I nearly slipped in the water. The stream was full of rocks and slime. I saw heaps of stones on the ground.

The glowworms were in the bush. They looked like little stars. They were pointy and looked like triangles and were yellow. It was quiet and dark in the bush and people had their torches on.

The best part of camp was looking at the glowworms.

 By TB


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Week 2 challenge!

This week we are off to Te Manawa - to look at the Raranga exhibition and to explore the square. Your challenge will be to "inform others" on our blog about your experience. 
You can choose how you do this- it may be using the following tools:

Voicethread - upload a picture and talk around it
 Vocaroo (oral retell)
Written - publish straight on
Comic life
Mindmap (using - teckie angles may like to do this with their groups so you can do a bit of teaching around it)

You have 2 weeks to complete the challenge as there is a bit more work in this.
You will also need to make a plan before you start on the blog (I will allow time for this in class) 

Have fun!
Mrs Waterland

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blog 9

Willba, willba used a couple of habits of mind,one is she worked with others and she listned to charolte. one more is she tryed new ideas. now, my events for number 1 is that she helped charolte.number 2 is that she listned to charlote when she said ''go to sleep''and the last thing is she went to the fair.

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Templeton persisted on finding words for Charlotte he listened to Charlotte, he used all the 5 senecis.

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BLOG10 group - Charlotte challenge

Main Character is Wilbur

Wilbur tried to spin a web with a rope- this shows persistance
Wilbur liked to listen to Charlottes stories -- HOM - listening
Wilbur liked to jump around all the time - HOM - Going wow!


charlotte used the habit of mind called thinking flexibly - she was thinking of words overnight work with others - working with others to help Wilbur, works with Templeton to get the words
make it right - makes sure the spelling and the meaning of the word is the right one

BLOG1 - Charlotte challenge

1.Wilbur persists in trying to spin a web-persist
2.Wilbur asked Charlotte heaps of questions-ask questions
3.Wilbur went WOW! at Charlottes web-go wow

goup blog 2 challege 1


1. listen - to the animals.

2. stop and think- when here dad was going to kill willber.

3.go wow-when the web was made.

by : t.w k.k t.a

the charlotte web challenge

I am leaning to read fluently

I am leaning to read fluently

I am leaning to read fluently

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1st Blog Challenge: Charlottes Web

Welcome to our first challenge for this term:
In your blog groups you need to discuss and think flexibly.

W.A.L.T : identify some of the habits of mind that a main character uses in Charlottes Web
Success Criteria:
Can chose a character
Can identify some of the Habits of Mind the character is using
Can give evidence of the Habit
Can work together as a group
Can make some desisions

In Charlottes Web discuss the Habits of Mind that you see one of the main characters using. What are the Habits that you see and what evidence can you support it with? You need to tell us which character your group chose and describe at least 3 Habits with evidence.

You can either post back an oral or written response. Don't forget to label your group with the group number.

You have until Friday.

Have Fun
Mrs Waterland

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Week 1 Term 2

Well, what a lot of learning we have done this week. Our main learning was around using Vocaroo. The children have had lots of fun and we now have some experts who can import it and embed it successfully into the blog. Our experts have been great helpers all week. Well done to those people. The C.O.W.S were fantastic and we had heaps of fun using them. We are looking forward to using them next week! We would still like parents to make more comments! We love comments!

Have a nice weekend Room 18! See you on Monday ready for our next crazy week.
Mrs Waterland

We are leaning to read fluently