Wednesday, September 23, 2009

lss litterthon

On Thursday 22ND room 18 and 19 did a really big clean up.We did the Litterthon to keep Fielding beautiful!We walked from lytton street school,down north street and all around Fielding.We found loads of rubbish at the dairy.By the dairy was a big piece of rubbish that was a news paper stuck together .It was HUGE!!When we got back we had really sore legs.It was not very fun.


  1. now i think that rm18 has convinced every one to pik up rubbish!


  2. Hi. I am in grade six in B.C Canada. How long did it take you to finish that huge cleanup? Good job Room 18 & 19!

  3. I'm a grade 7 and I live in Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. How long did it take you to pick up all the garbage then take it to a dump and come back? You know that if they shut down 2/4ths of green house gases the enviroiment would get better. I wonder if the ozone layer would start regrowing, too. So good job helping the enviroiment Room 18!