Friday, September 25, 2009


On our last day at school of term 3 we had the most crazy LOUD SHIRT DAY!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs Waterland looked like she had just been to Hawaii!
Lots of people wore a shirt. It was a really fun day.


  1. Hello
    I'm from B.C Canada.
    Wow! The crazy shirt day sounds fun!
    I would wear my Rainbow shirt if we had it at my school. I can tell in the picture that Mrs.Waterland looks like she's from Hawaii! If you could pick any other fun day to have what would it be?
    Mine would be Pet Day!!!

  2. Hi, I am a grade 6 student in B.C. Canada Wow! Loud t-shirt day! That sounds so cool! I liked all the T-shirts. They were so cool. Do you have crazy hair day too or any other kind of special day? Did you have a party that day too? I would want to have a crazy loud shirt day it would be so much fun. It was a great idea. Great Blog.

  3. I like the idea about crazy loud shirt day. I'm in a grade 6/7 split class in B.C. Canada. I'm going to talk about having one of these with my teacher.

  4. Hi, i'm a theird grader from Des moines,Iowa
    I think that crazy hair days wacky loud shirt day! that does sound loud if you ask me and if you could please visit our blog Mr.

    thanks Mr.Nidey's 3rd grade class

  5. I think it is sily. Look at those shirts! I think it fun day.
    Fall Blog Challenge09

  6. What a lovely idea! I bet everyone had lots of fun.

    Do you do something like this at the end of every term?

  7. looks like you all had grat fun

  8. This looks fun indeed. My son's school had a Book Week and they had to dress up as their favourite character from any book. My son, who's 4, chose to go as Bob the Builder. :)

  9. Wow....those definately are some LOUD shirts. I could almost hear the 'yelling' at me through your picture. :) We are also doing the blog challenge. We would love for you to look us up. We will definately be posting you guys under sites we like to look at. GOOD JOB!!!

  10. I look very nice in that t shirt.