Thursday, November 19, 2009

Habits of Mind

The children have been busy learning how to write their own posts, with a new login! Each blog group has been given challenges over the last few weeks - so please stick with us as we experiment.

I recently found a good movie about the Habits of Mind and what it means. I thought it would be useful for parents to view so they have a deeper understanding of what we are trying to achieve in the classroom with the children , and so as parents you are more aware of what the children mean. Please watch and talk to your children about the Habits they use frequently within the classroom. Please also give us some feedback on how useful you found it.


  1. to mrs waterland
    I just want to say thank you for teaching me and all the year 4s who will be leaving fantasic room 18.And hi to the new year 4s, welcome to the new year 3s

    from tessa

  2. I love the video you found on Habits of Mnd. do you mind telling me where I can source this? I am about to start teaching the habits to my yr5/6 class. Thanks
    p.s I LOVE your blog. I am just a novice but you are an inspiration to me. My class is also Rm 18!

  3. Hi -you can find this video and other fabulous inspiring educational videos at CORE Education in New Zealand has collated/filmed both NZ and international educators talking about learning. It is a fabulous site to use and share.