Tuesday, September 22, 2009

our zoo letters

To whom it may concern,

Room 18 have been discussing Burma and Kashin the elephant and it has come to my attention,why do we have zoos?

I believe that Animals should be kept in zoos because it is easier to study them in zoos instead of having to go overseas to find out about Animals. Also more and more people are wanting to find out about animals and the world around them which is important because it makes us want to protect animals and be friends with them. Another point is that scientists are having to go overseas just to find out about
animals.I think thats a waste of money. Would you waste your money?

Next animals should be kept in zoos because zoos and wildlife parks are places were we can keep animals that are in trouble can stay safe and not become extinct and they may be the last place for our earths wild species.

Finally animals should stay in zoos because if there in the wild they may be shot and die. Also because zoos give human beings the chance to see animals up close.

In conclusion I think that animals should stay in zoos because they may be the last place for earths wild species so they wont become extinct and because they give humans the chance to see animals up close. If you want your future children to be able to learn about animals and care for them then we need to have zoos.

Yours sincerely

Chelsea Keith.

To whom it may concern.

Room 18 have been talking about whether or not we should have zoos. Here is my opinion.

In my view animals should be allowed to come to zoos because some animals get hunted. Elephants get hunted for ivory tusks while other animals get hunted for hide and some animals get extinct because of this.

Another thing is that if an animal in the wild gets hurt it relies on passing humans to help but in zoos animals get immediate help.

Also some animals are endangered and if they are in the wild they will go from being endangered to extinct.

Animals are very important to peoples education and to help animals in the wild we need to know more. We don’t ant to go all the way around the world to study so we go to the zoo.

I think we need to have zoos because the animals are important to the world the future. If the animal race dies out the world will be a dark ,plane, bitter place to live now and for the future generation.

Yours sincerely

Tessa Webb

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