Monday, November 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fact Finding

This morning we had a little bit of time to see what facts we could find out about plant eating dinosaurs or the Brontosaurus. Here are some of them...can you add to them?

Brontosaurus became the most famous species of all time (Keisha)
The Seismosaurus actually means earthquake reptile (Brianna)
Brontosaurus was discovered in 1874 (Jolene)
Bronotosaurus name is Thunder Lizard (Jack/Joshua)
The name Brontosaurus is now called Apatosaurus (Joshua/Jack)
Brontosaurus had a tiny brain (Olivia/Savannah)
Brontosaurus had a 100year life span (Savannah/Olivia)
Plant eating dinosaurs did not chew food (charlotte)
Bronotosuarus is maybe related to the Loch Ness (Francis)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dinosaur research

This term we are learning to evaluate. We are looking at dinosaurs and fossils. We are thinking about how the earth changed so that Dinosaurs became extinct.
Today we used the computers to search out some interesting information to help us do this.
Here are some of our useful facts:

1. Dinosaurs had strong muscles to lift its heavy body (Jarrod)
2. T Rex is classed as a crocodile (Jolene/Lenique)
3. Loch Ness monster is real and its a dinosaur (Joshua/Ethan)
4. We think the Loch Ness monster is actually a family of dinosaurs (Cameron)
5. Dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. (Kiana/Brianna)
6. Loch Ness monster is Scotish (Charlotte/Emma)
7. All ground dinosaurs have strong legs, even little ones (Lily)
8. Dinosaurs have changed over time (Francis)
9. There were lots of prehistoric creatures with names we can't pronounce (Savannah/Piper)
10. Loch Ness' nickname is Nessie (Keisha/Gabby)
11. We can go back 4.5 billion years for our earths history (Liam)
12. Some dinosaur legs are bigger than people (Jack)
13. There were 5 sightings of the Loch Ness monster when in 1933 (Tom)
14. People have taken fake photos of the Loch Ness monster (Riley)
15. The Loch Ness monster can be found in the Loch Ness Lake in Scotland (Haare)
16. A T Rex is a meat eater dinosaur (Kiana)
17. The Loch Ness monster was first sited in 1534 (Cameron)

So we need to evaluate do we think the Loch Ness monster is real? Does it still exist?
What do you think?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The children all worked extremely hard at production time. They looked fantastic dressed up as Buzzy Bees and all that were involved thoroughly enjoyed it. The children were able to move in time, stay in their group, remember their moves and just generally had fun. It was great fun to work with Room 1 and help out the junior children. I was extremely proud of all the children and the effort, time and dedication they bought to the performance. Well done Room 18! What a great show!
Mrs Waterland

Our Production!

What a fantastic 3 performances we had! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Learning how to animate kidpix

Yesterday we learnt with Mrs Armstrong Lush how to animate our kidpix work.
We worked really hard and managed to almost produce a whole retell of the story The Lion and the Mouse.
Today we had the laptops and we had to describe one of the characters or the setting from the story "The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe." We could chose to do it anyway we liked. Mrs Waterland said to try to animate it if we wanted to.

Here is one of animations...thanks to Savannah and Gaby. Well done guys!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Giraffe poem

We made up our own giraffe poem, based around our poem of the week - Elephants. Here it is!


Long rough tongues
Tall thin legs
Long length neck
Spotty smooth skin
Knobby knees
Huge hard hooves
Gangly giraffe
Could I learn from you?

By Room 18

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WALT retell

One reading group are getting better at understanding as they read. They had to retell the story "Crow and the Pitcher" Here is some of the work.

WALT build on our vocabulary knowledge

2 reading groups are building up their vocabulary knowledge. Here is some of the work they have been doing around new words they have found in known Fables.

WALT be creative

We have been reading fables. We read The Crow and the Pitcher and it had lots of diagrams in it to solve the Crows problem of getting water out of the Pitcher. We then had to take a fable and design a diagram around it.
Here is some of our work:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Savannah and Gaby have been learnign to retell the story. Here is their retell of Monkey buys Trouble.

WALT find new words

this is Tommy, Joshua and Tom's new vocab work that they completed today.

Tyrone's Retelling

Tyrone is learning to retell the story. Here is his picture

Monday, August 9, 2010

iron Brion

Today room18 went to the hall to see iron Brion. We played memory games and had a dance battle with prizes. We learnt that iron is a mineral. Red meat has lots of vitamin c and we got yummy hamburgers at the END.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cameron's Fable

We are learning to narrate.
We have written our own fable. Here is one of them. Thanks Cameron for sharing.
Can you work out the moral or message?

One extremely foggy night a mother kiwi was protecting her eggs, when suddenly she heard something in the bus. She went closer to investigate but she did not realise that it came from teh other side of the bush!

Then suddenly out popped a possum. It grabbed one of the kiwis eggs as fast as a bolt of lightning! The chase was on!

Kiwi quickly turned just in time to see the possum disappear into the bush. Kiwi zipped into the bush hot on possum's tail! Finally the possum was cornered.

"Give back my baby!" said the Kiwi.
"You can have if if you win a death race!" said the Possum.
"How do I now you won't eat the egg?" asked the Kiwi.
"We will both leave the eggs here," said the Possum.
"OK, You're on!" shouted the Kiwi.

The next day Kiwi and Possum met up. Possum said " Ok, first we will submarine to the bottom of Marinas trench, and then we will surface. Next we will go to the beach. Then we will dune buggy up a ramp, through a firey hoop and return to the start."

"Ok,' answered the Kiwil

Finally it was time to start the race.
"All contestants to the start," said the announcer. But what Kiwi didn't realise was that the possum had drilled a hole into the Kiwis sub. But the possum got into the wrong sub! Halfway to the marinas trench Possums sub sank. "Curse you Kiwi!" were his last words.
"I guess I win the race," smiled Kiwi.

When Kiwi got to the shore Kiwi got her eggs back.

The moral: Don't do bad deeds - they do you no good.

By Cameron


We have been reading The Hare and the Tortoise, and The Boy who cried Wolf.

We then had to either compare and contrast, retell the main points or look at it from another point of view. Here is some of our work.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T3 oral language: Narrating poems

This term we are learning to narrate a poem. This is the Success Criteria we came up with.
Success criteria:
- Practice our poem
- Speak clearly
- Look at our audience
- Speak at a good pace
- Use expression to make it interesting
- Use some good movements

We are then practicing in our class and then putting them onto photo booth, to then upload onto our own individual blogs.
Here is one we are going to share from Brianna - she was first!

Monday, July 19, 2010

we are learning to be creative

Creativity By Lily And Piper

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Teeth

Thanks Olivia and Jolene! Great picture :)
Thanks to Piper as well.

Learning to appreciate our teeth

Today we had a teeth day - we got given brushes and toothpaste. We then created a poster promoting good teeth care. In the afternoon we watched a movie about teeth and taking care of our teeth. Some of the children then drew a picture using kidpix. Thanks Savannah and Gabby! A great picture!

Animal reports

We have been learning to inform others. We chose to find some information on animals and then write a short animal report. Here are some of our stories. We hope we have achieved our learning intention of informing - do you know more about these animals now?



A Bengal Tiger is the biggest of the cat family. It is an endangered species.


The Bengal Tiger is located in India, parts of China and also lives in Bangladesh in grasslands and forests.


A Bengal Tiger is usually orange and black. Sometimes they are white and black. Their height is normally 2 metres or more.


The Bengal Tigers prey includes monkeys, wild pigs and guar. Their favourite prey is Chital and Sambar.


To mark the Bengal Tigers territory the Bengal Tiger walks in circles and urinates. A Bengal Tigers roar can be hear 2 miles away.


A trained Bengal Tiger would be an excellent pet if it obeyed you. Its fur is used for materials.


By Cameron



The snake family is in the reptile family. Snakes are very long.


Snakes live in trees and in hot places.


They eat meat, like mice and frogs.


Snakes do not have ears but they can still hear.


Snakes catch their food by killing it with their teeth and crushing it too.


Snakes have very good eyesight which help them find animal for food.


Some snakes have poison called venom which they use to kill their food.


I would not like a pet snake because it would kill me. . I would only want to see a snake in the zoo.


By Ethan



Butterflies are in the insect family.


These insects are located anywhere in the whole wide world.


They have antenna, a head, and legs, 2 pairs of wings and they can be different shapes and sizes.


Butterflies lay eggs on swan plants. They hatch into lavae. They eat the leaves to dissolve into a pupa, then they hatch into an adult.


They can fly and spread their wings.


Butterflies eat nectar from plants.


By Emma



The penguin is a good swimmer. They are in the bird family.


These birds live in the sea and in the Artic. They stay in groups.


They eat fish, squid and shrimp. They also eat krill and prawns. All of the mums go fishing. When the mother gets back they give the fish to the babies and the father.


Penguins are good at diving in the water. They like to slide on their tummies.


Penguin feathers are waterproof. They have black and white feathers. The penguin has wings but they do not use them.


Penguins would be a good pet if you like to go diving.


By Brianna



Snakes are part of the reptile family. Snakes are poisonous.


Snakes can live in New Zealand in the zoos. Snakes live in hot places.


Snakes eat worms and rats. Snakes do not chew, they swallow their food whole.


Some snakes are wet and some are dry. Snakes have no legs.


Snakes are amazing hunters. They can feel the vibrations of their prey. Snakes can spray venom in people’s eyes and blind them. Snakes slither on their tummies.


Baby snakes come from eggs. When they are born they are small.


Snakes are part of the reptile family. Snakes are dangerous.


By Jack



Giraffes are the tallest mammals that live in the wilderness. Giraffes live on African grasslands. They live in small herds.


Giraffes are brown and white and have ears and eyes. Giraffes are unusual because they have blue tongues. Giraffes have the longest neck and legs of any animal.


Giraffes walk around and eat, run, sleep and kill predators. They can run up to 56 kilometres an hour!


Giraffes eat twigs, leaves, plants and trees in the wilderness.


Baby giraffes are born from their mothers. Giraffe’s usually only give birth to one baby at a time. Baby giraffes are called calves. A baby giraffe is two meters tall.


Giraffes are the tallest animals on earth. I wouldn’t like to have a pet giraffe because it wouldn’t fit in my house.


By Joshua



Bees are in the insect family and they are very little with little wings too.


Bees can live in a hive, bee shacks and trees. Bees live in most parts of the world, except the Artic and Antartica.


They eat nectar and pollen and honey too. The honey goes in little holes in the hive.


The Queen Bee lays the eggs in small holes with wax in it. Then the egg hatches into larva and larva changes into a pupa. Then pupa changes into an adult bee.


Bees gather pollen and when they find pollen the do a little dance and then they work to make the honey.


A bee must visit over 4000 flowers to collect enough nectar to make one tablespoon of honey.


Bees are insects and they a little prickle called a sting. Some people are allergic to them and can die if they are stung.


By Piper
















Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We made care package to show our appreciation for people. We thought that if we were fighting in the war we would appreciate these items. Watch our movies to find out some of our things.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We have been learning to appreciate different artists. We looked at Georgia O'Keefe and then did some art work that was like her art work. Here are some examples

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tyrone playing his ukulele

Twice a year the Senior Stars are involved in clubs. 
This is Tyrone playing his ukulele. He was so proud of what he achieved!

Monday, May 31, 2010


Last Friday Room 18 had the pleasure of sharing their lovely art work with the whole school. We are really proud of what we have achieved with our art work. 

Finding Information

Kiwi group has been learning to find information and facts around beekeepers. We had to design and present the information any way we wanted to. Kiana and Piper presented theirs as a poster. Here is our poster.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Tui reading group have been practicing summarising text, in order to inform others. Here is their second take of their movie. They did an awesome job, figuring out how to use imovie independently. Tui group compared and contrasted their first movie and decided the second take was better.

Enjoy learning about some creepy killers 
Tui Group

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Bird Feeder Ideas

Have a look...have a go...did it work?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Reflections

We have been focusing on Problem Solving all term. Here are some of our reflections on our strategies that we have learnt to use. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Room 18 have been learning to entertain others. We wrote narratives for junior children. We then created our stories into a book. We based our story around the Gingerbread Man. We wrote our story from the point of view of the fox. Keep an eye out for our fantastic work over the next few days :)

No Food
Mr Fox by Briana