Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some more great writing

Didn't the writers do well at building a picture in the readers mind?
What do you think?

Room18 & 19 went to Highland Home Christian camp on the 24th of March. The first activity was the never ending Bushwalk.

Approaching the bush we were excited at our challenge. We needed to go single file into the bush because it was narrow which made it slippery and dangerous. It was also steep and there were lots of  overhanging trunks and roots sticking out like traps.

After we got near the heart of the mossy damp and dull bush we became really nervous to see how high we were and to top it all off there was a big bush under us which we easily could fall on!

The bush was damp and sparkly and had moss dripping off into puddles. The bush had birds tweeting in the light breeze. The bird sounded pleasant, yet loud like music.

Brown and gooey grey mud was slopped all around the place making an unpleasant smell roam the air in a damp way.

As we walked slowly through the bush on the windy trail we could see many bright and dark coloured birds tweeting in their nests feeding their gorgeous babies worms and other insects. We could see evidence of possums and strangling vines killing trees as we walked past hollowed out branches and trees cracked with no leaves with slugs climbing up them.            


It felt creepy in the bush because all of the trees looked like hands trying to grab us but we still enjoyed it. We recommend that if you are ever near Pohangina you drop in and give the fabulous bushwalk a go. 



  1. What an awesome recount. I like the way you used adjectives, your story is so descriptive that it almost feels like I was there too! It certainly reminds me of some of the times I've been on school camp.

    Mr F.
    Room 9,
    Glenview School,

  2. Great recounts Rm 18, Makes me really wish I came to camp with you, Maybe next time. Mrs Leggett

  3. I really enjoyed reading your recount Room 18 especially with the descriptive words used. It certainly made me feel I was walking through the bush with you.

    Mrs Trembath

  4. Well done room 18. I've been out to Highland Homes before and your recount really threw me back there, like reliving the experience! Great writing.