Saturday, May 2, 2009

1st Blog Challenge: Charlottes Web

Welcome to our first challenge for this term:
In your blog groups you need to discuss and think flexibly.

W.A.L.T : identify some of the habits of mind that a main character uses in Charlottes Web
Success Criteria:
Can chose a character
Can identify some of the Habits of Mind the character is using
Can give evidence of the Habit
Can work together as a group
Can make some desisions

In Charlottes Web discuss the Habits of Mind that you see one of the main characters using. What are the Habits that you see and what evidence can you support it with? You need to tell us which character your group chose and describe at least 3 Habits with evidence.

You can either post back an oral or written response. Don't forget to label your group with the group number.

You have until Friday.

Have Fun
Mrs Waterland

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