Monday, March 1, 2010

Bird Feeders

We have decided that we would like to see more birds outside our classroom. We decided that we should make some bird feeders.

We asked Mr Roberts (who is a bit of an expert) to come and talk to us. Mr Roberts came and showed us how he makes Bird Shacks. A bird shack is where birds can go in and build a nest. He showed us how he put the bird shacks together. Then we had a discussion around the types of food that birds would like:

Honey and Sugar Water
Mutton Fat
Bread – wholegrain bread because it has seeds in it

We talked about what types of birdfeeders we could make.
Mr Roberts thought that a Pinecone one would be really good. We would have to dip the pinecone into fat, then put seeds on it. The birds can balance on the pinecone to eat.

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  1. Wow Room 18 what a clever idea with the pine cones - Room 15 would live to see them when they are finished.