Monday, March 2, 2009

Cat in the Hat and The Lorax

We are learning to compare the stories The Cat in the Hat and The Lorax.

Here is what we think:


The Cat likes fun and is naughty (Tessa)
Tidy up yourself (Kaea)
He's bossy (Chelsea)
We need to tidy up when we have finished (Andrew)
Message is Respect other's property (Helena)
Make sure you listen to other peoples opinions (Jack)
The fish is mad at the cat - he is like our conscience (Peter)


He's bossy (Chelsea)
Message: Respect the environment (Helena)
Message: Respect the planet (Jack)
Moral: Don't cut down too many trees then it will become polluted (Andrew)
Sometimes things aren't what they seem - he thinks it a big opportunity but ends up not being one (Tessa)
Made up words (Kaea)

What are the same in these stories? Please comment for us

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  1. Hi Room18

    I think you have compared these two stories very well. I like the comment about the fish being our conscience. I had never thought that way about that book -you taught me something new. I have shared this with Room 20 and they agreed with your comments.
    Well done
    From Mrs Rossiter