Friday, February 27, 2009

Lorax work

We have been learning to use a variety of colours and tools to create a picture about the Lorax.
We had to draw a tree with chalk (Jolene), then we had to dab the trunk and tree and when it dried we drew a black outline to make it stand out (Tessa), we had to practice before we did the real thing(Lily), we had to practice drawing the lorax before we put it on the paper (Kiana), we had to let it dry in Room 23 (Jarrod), we had to paint it using bright colours so it looked like the book (Cory), we had to make sure we didn't paint the wrong pieces on the Lorax (Rakelle), we had to dab light brown paint on the lorax (Cameron), we had to make sure that the tree was on one side and the Lorax was on the other (Jack).

I would improve my dabbing (Kaea)
I would make sure I stayed in my lines when dabbing (Lenique)
I would drawing the lorax because I drew him too small (Andrew)
I would try to stay inside the lines when I am dabbing (Tommy)
I would work harder at dabbing (Tyrone)

What do you think about our Lorax pictures? What do you think we could improve on?
Look out for our photos.

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  1. I like the painting of your lorax pictures. By Nathan (Room 20)

    I like the colours on the tops of your truffala Riley room 20